Poetry: Essay Retreat by Afua Ansong

A strange connection exists between poetry and teaching, and Afua Ansong explores it beautifully with subtle couplets and understated scene work. Notice how her students come alive in the focus of her language, how the poem respects Joseph and Erika…

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New Voices: Our Beating Heart

Our New Voices category is the beating heart of Frontier. It’s the essence of our mission: to uplift, validate, support and energize emerging poets. It will always be open. It will always be free. We will always pay our poets.…

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Poetry: i, ii, iii, iv, v by Jos Charles

These five beautiful little poems by Jos Charles prove the power of brevity. The succinct linework introduces delicate imagery with a voice that is distant, yet intimate, bare, yet bursting with bodies. Charles knows how to leverage space and silence…

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Fall Call for Readers!

Fall is here, and we are looking for some bright new readers to join our team. If you love contemporary poetry and want to engage with emerging poets, then this readership might be for you! The position involves three to…

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Poetry: How to Take Time by Daniel Lassell

We love the mouthfeel of Daniel Lassell’s “How to Take Time,” the patience for the right word in its right place—and the courage it performs in reaching for deep wisdom off the back of a red headed woodpecker. Lassell is…

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