Poetry: How to Take Time by Daniel Lassell

We love the mouthfeel of Daniel Lassell’s “How to Take Time,” the patience for the right word in its right place—and the courage it performs in reaching for deep wisdom off the back of a red headed woodpecker. Lassell is…

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Get to Know the National Book Award Nominees

Ten beautiful collections here demand your looking—the longlist of the National Book Awards is out and the nominees represent emerging and established poets from all across America. For your poetheart’s perusal, we’ve gathered together some useful info on each of…

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Poetry: Written on this Land by Emily Strauss

With subtle luxury of sound, Emily Strauss writes of the desert, the West. Couplets hide the harmony crafted line by line until that final hard rhyme, shining like a jewel. Strauss understates her language as “dry and austere,” “barren”—but the…

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Labor Day Poetry

Work is the American right of passage, and is as apt a poetic subject as love, death, or nature. Work affects all other subjects in our lives. Historically, it’s been difficult to find poetry about work, but these lives are…

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Poetry: These Are the Witness Marks by Moira J.

Moira J. has written a visceral love poem with “THESE ARE THE WITNESS MARKS”—full of bodytalk and imagery that burrows under your skin, makes your back itch. Notice the goosebumps, the old salt, the zodiac mouth, but also the lover…

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