Exploring the Edges of Contemporary Poetry

How It’s Made: Arhm Choi Wild’s CUT TO BLOOM

We’re so happy to have had the chance to look under the hood of Ahrm Choi Wild’s debut CUT TO BLOOM (from Write Bloody Press). The books seeks to do the important work of redefining “the American identity as one…

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Poetry: MAJOR ARCANA IN THE AUTUMN-DARK by Megan Bontrager

We’re all aching for a poem of transformation to wash over the world—may Megan Bontrager’s “MAJOR ARCANA IN THE AUTHUMN-DARK” be it’s guide and proclaimer.   MAJOR ARCANA IN THE AUTUMN-DARK                  …

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Poetry: I Can’t Breathe: When They Come As They Must by Jonathan Andrew Pérez

Jonathan Andrew Pérez’s lates is a poem for “another hot summer.” With prophetic spirit, “When They Come as They Must” delivers a rallying call for the seething, the unheard. I Can’t Breathe: When They Come As They Must When they…

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