Exploring the Edges of Contemporary Poetry

Exceptional Poetry From Around the Web: September 2021

Here’s a short selection, from our own Jose, of some of the best new poems that hit the web this September. These five poets, both established and emerging, deserve your attention and support—featuring work from Adrie Rose in Muzzle, Sebastián…

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In Class with Professor Rachelle Linda Escamilla

A primary mission of Frontier is to provide high quality resources and practical help for serious poets—so we’ve been reaching out to poetry professors to help give clarity to this strange journey and stranger craft. This month, we got the…

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Poetry: Daily, I Cat-Call the Dead by Alina Stefanescu

In “Daily, I Cat-call the Dead,” the speaker interrogates what it is like living as both “acceptable” and “Alien. All. At once.” Through a soulful song of life, the poet’s voice and authority can not be denied or unheard.  …

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read and download our 2020 Chapbook Contest winner

selected by Carl Phillips

// by Frederick Speers //

Shadow Black

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selected by Jericho Brown

// by Naima Tokunow //

How Often I Have Chosen Love

read and download our 2018 Chapbook Contest winner

// by Xiao Yue Shan //

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