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Exceptional Poetry From Around the Web: January 2019

Here’s a short selection of some of the best new poems hitting the web this December. These five poets, both established and emerging, deserve your attention and support, featuring work from Lauren Camp, Emily Lawson, John Murillo, Chelsea Bayouth, and…

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Editors Talk Poetry Acceptances: Esther Vincent, The Tiger Moth Review

As a platform for emerging poets, our mission is to provide practical help for serious writers. The community lifts itself up together or not at all. In that light, we’ve been asking some great editors from around the literary community…

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Frontier Poetry VIDA-Style 2018 Progress Report

Inspired by annual the VIDA Count, we want to have transparency for ourselves, our poets, and our readers. We’ve done an internal audit around issues of representation on our platform, and we are proud of the direction that Frontier is…

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the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area

// definition //


brink, boundary, borderland

// synonyms //


a line between different or opposed things

// frontier poetry //

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