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Summer Poetry Award 3rd Place: Singularity by Aurora Masum-Javed

Aurora Masum-Javed’s “singularity” has been selected as third place in the Summer Poetry Award because the work meditates profoundly on the vulnerability of being a daughter, of being someone else’s dream, of being a body, frail and falling through time.…

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Summer Poetry Award 2nd Place: After Reading DJ Khaled Will Not Perform Oral Sex On His Wife… by Leila Chatti

Leila Chatti’s poem on the perennial politics of sex and power has won 2nd place in the Summer Poetry Award. “After Reading…” exemplifies some of the best poetic-moves that today’s poets enjoy making: the collision of pop culture inanity with…

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Summer Poetry Award Winner: Louisiana Requiem by Heather Treseler

“Louisiana Requiem” hangs itself on your heart like Spanish moss. The poem expands with grace, like a full womb, from the first line to the last. Heather Treseler has earned the $2000 prize and Summer Poetry Award, because this poem,…

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the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area

// definition //


brink, boundary, borderland

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a line between different or opposed things

// frontier poetry //

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