Exploring the Edges of Contemporary Poetry

Poetry: “Prayer (II)” By Chris Watkins

In this poem, Chris Watkins utilizes religion, spirituality, and modernity to reclaim queerness with evocative language. Note from the author: “This poem employs queerphobic language. I am a a genderqueer poet and feel comfortable using/reclaiming the language as it is…

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Poetry: Some Day, Underwater Archaeologists by S.J. Pearce

“Some day, I realize, underwater archaeologists / will find, upon necropsy, the artifacts of my brief presence / in the stomach of the last Great White that entered the lagoon” Take a deep dive into the crystalline imagery of “Some…

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Poetry: Creation Myth by Shiyang Su

“I said flesh / was a soft patch of wheat, a half-knotted rope. I said / rain was the unnamed radar sound in a dinosaur rib.” Shiyang Su zooms into a singular moment between the speaker and their father that…

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