Exploring the Edges of Contemporary Poetry

Poetry: Single Women by Yasmine Ameli

In “Single Women,” the speaker remembers a time when there were no men around to encourage “the pretension of our modesty.” Instead, freedom and liberation reign, as the women “roamed the house…with or without bath towels or underwear.”   Single…

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Our 2020 Chapbook Winner Debuts Now!

Frederick Speers’ IN THE YEAR OF OUR MAKING & UNMAKING is here! It’s free, it’s digital, it’s all yours. Read the chapbook now. The Frontier team is beyond excited to share with you our third chapbook, the winner of the…

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Poetry: levitate by Adedayo Agarau

In “levitate,” after profound line after profound line, we learn of the speaker’s connection to familial loss. Also, through the use of surreal yet serene prose poetry lines, we see the triumph of his family life: “she turned green grass…

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Read Our Award Winning Chapbooks


read and download our 2020 Chapbook Contest winner

selected by Carl Phillips

// by Frederick Speers //

Shadow Black

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selected by Jericho Brown

// by Naima Tokunow //

How Often I Have Chosen Love

read and download our 2018 Chapbook Contest winner

// by Xiao Yue Shan //

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