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Tamir’s Story, Michael’s Story: an Interview with Chaun Ballard

Last year, we nominated one of Chaun Ballard’s poems for the pushcart—this year, his debut chapbook won the Sunken Garden Prize from Tupelo Press. Flight is a beautiful little book to hold in your hands, full of family and authenticity and…

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Thank You All!

Thank you submitters! You all make this world go round, and we’re so humbled to read and experience your little language machines, your poetry. We know that the post-submission wait can be the worst part of this process, so we…

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Poetry: Dream with Ex-Lover Ending in Red by Babette Cieskowski

By the second pair of lines, the gentle hiding of men in flowers, we were hooked to this poem. Babette Cieskowski’s language blooms in delicate song: the shucked pearls, the blood root, the windowsill—”Dream With Ex-Lover In Red” is a…

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the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area

// definition //


brink, boundary, borderland

// synonyms //


a line between different or opposed things

// frontier poetry //

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