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Exceptional Poetry From Around the Web: June 2018

Here’s a short selection of some of the best new poems hitting the web. These five poets, both established and emerging, all have talent worth enjoying (& copying). Enjoy, and be grateful, knowing so many awesome poets are making our…

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Poetry: Mental Health by Kai Carlson-Wee

Kai Carlson-Wee’s single stanza poem lands on the page with weight and space and time. “Mental Health” works to unfold the banality of medicated routine, while never losing sight of the drugs that punctuate its hours, or the slow fog…

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30 Days Left to Submit to Our Summer Poetry Award

We are very excited to announce that our annual Summer Poetry Award is open for only 30 more days! For this contest, we are accepting submissions from new and emerging poets. Send us work that is blister, that is color,…

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the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area

// definition //


brink, boundary, borderland

// synonyms //


a line between different or opposed things

// frontier poetry //

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