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Frontier Poetry began with the simple mission of being a platform for emerging poets—to uplift, to prepare, & to inspire.

We are looking for poetry that pushes language forward, for poets and poems that strive to place themselves at the edge of what language can do. But this does not mean that we are only concerned with experimental poetry. We believe that sonnets can be at the frontier, book-length poems can be at the frontier, confessional poetry can be at the frontier—as long as a piece is constructed with exceptional consideration for language & craft, that poem is a fit for us. Check out our What We Look For post to get more details.

Work by diverse poets and underrepresented voices is also very important for us to publish. We take our role as gatekeeper between poet and world extremely seriously and wish to use our platform as fairly and justly as we can. We warmly invite all voices to join us. The frontier land of poetry, that far territory where all voices are equal, pushing toward the vast unknown spaces of the human spirit—we will plant ourselves there & report back to the world the beauty found.

Please see our submission options. Offering more than a byline, Frontier strives to be a resource not only for new poets, but for agents and other writers to discover new work. We are extremely selective. We sincerely look forward to reading your work.

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Editor in Chief
Josh Roark // josh (at) frontierpoetry (dot) com

Managing Editor
Kim Winternheimer // kim (at) mastersreview (dot) com

Executive Administrator
Stephanie Tarntino // contact (at) frontierpoetry (dot) com

Associate Editors
Maribel P // Nicholas Brown

Readers (& Amazing Poets)
Abeir Soukieh, Afua Ansong, Benjamin Biesek, Bernard Ferguson, Brandon Jordan Brown, Charika Swanepoel, Cheryl Pearson, Elizabeth Chao, Erika Jeffers, Esther Vincent, Kate Leland, Keziah Ortiz, Kyle Liang, Lynley Edmeades, Makensi Ceriani, Malek Zuraikat, Matt Koucky, Michael Jones, Penny Newell, Seneca Basoalto, Sophia Noulas, and  Zoe Jenkins

General Inquiries
contact (at) frontierpoetry (dot) com




the extreme limit of understanding or achievement in a particular area.


brink, boundary, borderland.


Frontier Poetry
a quality home for new poets.

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