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The Plight of the Emerging Writer by Jiwon Choi

As a platform focused on uplifting the emerging and new poets entering out community, we’ve had many discussions about our complicated relationship with the word “emerging.” Jiwon Choi’s interview-essay hybrid here explores the weight and worry of the term beautifully,…

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Poet in the Mirror: Charles Kell

We’re so proud to share some insight into the lives and hearts of today’s poets with our Poet In The Mirror series. This week, Charles Kell—author of the debut Cage of Lit Glass from Autumn House Press—graciously reveals his favorite and…

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Poet in the Mirror: Sarah Carey

Sarah Carey has been a generous guest for our Poet in the Mirror series, where we explore the strange profession of which we all aspire—today we learn about Accommodations‘—her latest collection, winner of the Concrete Wolf Chapbook Contest—acceptance journey, the…

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