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Poetry Terms: The Three Lines

For this Poetry Terms, we’d like dig into an ever present issue with emerging poets: how do you break a line? Every poet makes a home of the poetic line, and a deliberate approach through well-wrought linecraft ultimately serves to…

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Industry Prize is Open for Submissions!

We are so excited to announce that our 2018 Industry Prize for emerging poets is now accepting submissions! $3000 Award for a single poem A panel of guest judges from the top of our industry: Don Share, Editor of Poetry Magazine Nicole…

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Book Review: Some Say the Lark by Jennifer Chang

Natasha Tretheway calls the book “a piercing meditation, rooted in loss and longing, and manifest in dazzling leaps of the imagination.” And Patrick Rosal: “In Some Say the Lark, anything can erupt into fury, anything into tenderness.” Jennifer Chang’s second…

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Notes from the Slush: Reader Thoughts

The readers of Frontier Poetry are just like you—beautiful poets—& eager for community, for the sharpening iron, for poems on poems on poems. For this Notes, we’ve reached out to a few—Maribel, Matt, Afua, Brandon, Charika, Lynley and Abeir—and got their…

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Frontier OPEN Finalists: Part 3 of 3

Our last finalists are three amazing poets: Ebony E. Chinn, Regina Marie, and Amanda Hawkins. So many stunners included here: the moonlight tied down, the withered claw, the stones we hold in our chests. Enjoy, share, lift up these talented…

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