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Poetry: Babel Sestina by James O’Leary

“Babel Sestina” performs a journey through the powers of language, of naming and gendering, of grammarizing our own identities. James O’Leary’s poem declares, “We invent anew mountain, reach up for new holy”—but ends in a question: what’s left in our…

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Poetry: Arco by Faylita Hicks

“In the desert, I am—” Faylita Hicks’ “Arco” gathers the brittle and brine of syllable and vowel to press upon the reader an urgent hunger, her every word a “facility of ghosts, starved for the heated flicks.” Welcome to the…

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Poetry: Foundling by Anna Seidel

“Foundling” by Anna Seidel: a poem that leaves room in the mouth for tonguing the edge of each sweet word. Foundling In the evening, a scorpion in bed. A cheerful and a sad wind blowing across the room. You kiss…

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