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Poetry: Insect by JC Talamantez

Lush, unfolding in exquisite image toward a portrait of relationship, JC Talamantez’s “Insect” plays with the confines of the line as it prompts a consideration of “what words will make” and what we pass on. Insect to enter / the…

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Poetry: Thermal Hazard by Mackenzie Duan

Mackenzie Duan’s “Thermal Hazard” is poetry as a place of mirroring: a lyric merging of landscape and speaker. Laced with tense, haunted images, it invokes climate with a strange intimacy and the urgency of survival. Thermal Hazard  

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Poetry: Astral Projection by Eliza Gilbert

In a poem that immediately draws into question the nature of truth and the power of language, Eliza Gilbert wields naming, the very action being interrogated, with grace and precision, piling image after image into an abundant, incisive reflection on…

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Poetry: Abecedarian Under Aquarium Lights by Nova Wang

Dexterous and riddled with danger, Nova Wang’s abecedarian is aquatic in its deftness, darting from image to image as the speaker gathers pieces of their “small histories” and offers them as an exploration of personal wreckage and its origins. Abecedarian…

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