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Poetry: Volcada by Sarah Kathryn Moore

Sarah Kathryn Moore’s “Volcada” is a cascade of thoughtful and aesthetic diction—a rumbling between the blue of our guts and the sun-drunk mind. Attach yourself to the motion and find yourself leaning, precariously, above Moore’s vast gap of lack. Volcada

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Poetry: Dream from the Tiger by Jona Colson

Jona Colson’s ethereal “Dream from the Tiger” crawls into your lap—oversized, striped, purring. We adore the echoes of Stevens’ “Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock”, the ways Colson generates fresh new meaning in the images and language, and wish too to part…

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Poetry: City on the Hudson by Lee Jenkins

“The evening’s firmly knitted into place,” Lee Jenkins says, and so is his music, so are the quiet voices and the quiet world that envelops them. “City on the Hudson” is a hand holder, a friend’s diary, a gentle and…

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Poetry: Dream Bird by Erin Williamson

Erin Williamson’s “Dream Bird” is an exceptional display by a new poet: a fantasy of warriors and  feathers, of getting lost in a landscape’s leering masculinity. “This is just a dream,” the speaker says. “So real. So real.”   Dream…

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Poetry: Here by Mónica Gomery

Mónica Gomery’s “Here” feels as if it must be a prose poem—the rolling sentences and stacked syntax reveal the enormity of what can’t be said, the enormity of trying to say what can’t be said. Touch the flowers at the memorial, instead.…

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