Category: Poetry

Poetry: A Cannon Ready For Me

The natural world often mirrors back to us our most primal acts. Looking to a horse giving birth, the poem’s speaker transmutes themselves between a human and horse the startling  brightness of motherhood. What makes a poem of nature so…

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Poetry: Night Logic by Matthew Gellman

A site of history and a landscape once marred by violence is reimagined with a gesture towards gentleness in Gellman’s poem. ‘Night Logic’ begins its readers at the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard but then cracks open the world so…

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Poetry: The Good Life by Theo LeGro

A tender record-keeping of the body and its ability to turn on its owner, Theo LeGro’s poem navigates a history that resists blame, that resists anger, but rather leans into what could have been–a life not marred by disease. And…

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