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Poetry: My Garden by Zoe Kimone

At Frontier, we’ve been compelled by the relationship of poetry and the sensation of roots—how do experiences that connect us to the deep past make us whole as humans? Zoe Kimone’s “My Garden” is a brief and beautiful exploration of that…

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Poetry: Sundays by Megan Nichols

Some poems wade in with the tide, some pour down your scalp like oil—”Sundays” throws fistfuls of paint, covers you in heated stones. Megan Nichols has made every square inch of language a lever and a weight, a clockwork machine…

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Poetry: Golden Shovel by Jae Nichelle

Jae Nichelle has made a poem that does what a poem ought to do: stuff the barrel, place a stack of words and truth between the bullet and its target. Terrance Hayes describes the rules behind the Golden Shovel’s structure…

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Poetry: Distance by Jane Morton

Jane Morton’s latest poem burrows into the reader’s body and ripens there. In the end, “Distance” is a poem that tries to wrap around the gap of loss,  asking us what it means to let go, to move on, to…

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