Category: Poetry

Poetry: Swallow by Lynn Wang

Lynn Wang’s new poem menaces your faith, your homebound security—”Swallow” is a tight work of sincere doubt, angling in its accusations and tight little lines for some fair and true sense of “inviolability.”   SWALLOW It is not the prey…

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Poetry: Twenty One by Jazelle Jajeh

“Twenty One” by Jazelle Jajeh is a rich, associative exploration of self—of mirrors reaching into the “corridor of me.” The prose poem form holds so well the desire, the obsession, as each rubber-banding leap of conscious loops across the right…

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Poetry: Two Poems by Kristen Holt-Browning

Through tonally complex and innovative language, deftness of line, and vivid, intimate imagery, Kisten Holt-Browning’s two poems push the reader into a liminal space between the familiar and the unknown: “Shifted… toward mysteries”—an essential work of poetry which aims to…

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