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Poetry: O. unilateralis by G.J. Sanford

Names are invasive fungus and sestinas are just tough games of poker—so goes G.J. Sanford’s new poem, “O. unilateralis.” When we look, when we trace backwards from our own small handed mothers: what do we find greenly crawling up the…

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Poetry: Razing by Anna Newman

“Razing” is Anna Newman’s self-improvement letter to myself: a rummaging of pain and home and pine. Notice the urge to follow the speaker wherever she leads, even the false and the broken, even to a mirror for our own selves—that…

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Poetry: Another Dusky Sonnet by Anthony Borruso

Like most contemporary sonneteers, Anthony Borruso has taken aim at the right margin of his “Another Dusky Sonnet” and the lines bristle with dynamic force and momentum—like bones protruding from the sand. And like the poem’s inspiration, Dali, he builds his…

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Poetry: my sister/mi hermana by Heidi Seaborn

“mi sister/mi hermana,” by Heidi Seaborn, is a tender performance of sisterhood, of two women standing in each other’s lives. Butterflies and whipoowills and a blue walled garden—but also choked throats and lions and needles that pierce and pin.  …

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Poetry: Wounded Bee by Ben Zarov

Is there meaning in nonsense? A symbol hidden in the wound? Ask Ben Zarov—ask his “Wounded Bee” and his silkworm god unspooling the exact measure you need. Whatever nonsense that may be.   Wounded Bee The wounded bee dances her coordinates,…

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