Category: Poetry

Poetry: Mackerel by Khalisa Rae

In “Mackerel,” teenage girls become theologists of the body—transforming a “sweet communion of burning” into their own vivid and direct meaning. We’re excited to publish this new electric work from Khalisa Rae, and to announce as well that she will…

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Poetry: Spectacle by Sarah Ghazal Ali

In “Spectacle,” a routine yet invasive medical procedure symbolizes the surveillance we have on women, women of color, and their bodies. With references to the Bible, the speaker in “Spectacle” contemplates a puzzling dilemma of rigidness or modernity: “who consoled…

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Poetry: Field Notes by Gabriella Balza

In this surreal, fabulist poem, the speaker in Gabriella Balza’s “FIELD NOTES” watches as her home transforms, “slow and shapeless.” Left to wander among the bare trees, in a bizarre unraveling of events, the speaker begins to realize that while…

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