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Poetry: North Coast Chorus by Bethan Tyler

In “North Coast Chorus,” the speaker empathizes with the rampant imperfections of nature; like the poet’s flailing body, nature, waves and wind, crash and yet manage to resemble rebirth.   North Coast Chorus Somewhere near Trinidad on the coast road…

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Poetry: Camellia by Elane Kim

In “Camellia,” a mother teaches a daughter the quiet mysteries of womanhood; the speaker is taught to hold on to Seoul, to sing without a mouth, to listen to the mournful river.   Camellia The first thing a mother teaches…

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Poetry: Hemingway Country by Monica Rico

In “HEMINGWAY COUNTRY,” the speaker describes the difficulties of growing up Latinx, or non-white, in a world of whiteness and suspicion. Always a target, the speaker learns to navigate a world where love seems foreign or violent and the only…

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Poetry: Smokescreens by Emma Miao

In “Smokescreens,” the speaker skillfully juxtaposes harsh realities from around the world; “we are all animals” the speaker announces, capable of being both “broken, bruised,” but also capable of song, like the deer in the mist.   Smokescreens In this…

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