Category: Poetry

Poetry: The Good Life by Theo LeGro

A tender record-keeping of the body and its ability to turn on its owner, Theo LeGro’s poem navigates a history that resists blame, that resists anger, but rather leans into what could have been–a life not marred by disease. And…

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Poetry: Spring Rituals by Stephanie Isan

In “Spring Ritual”, the speaker negotiates themselves amidst the rituals of renewal, loss, migration and spirituality. The speaker is governed by a sense of wonder which is further exemplified by a rich menagerie of sounds and vivid imagery.   Spring…

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Poetry: Squirrel Poem by Meg Eden

In “Squirrel Poem,” the speaker comes to terms with the fate of the discarded, the squirrels on the road, the neglected graduate students. Ultimately, the speaker confronts this otherwise harsh reality: “We will make them look at us.” Squirrel Poem…

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