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Poetry: to bear false whiteness by Stella Wong

In “to bear false whiteness,” the speaker offers a complex yet defiant look at the expansion of whiteness, colonialism, and racism in the media, history, and culture. In a justified tone, the speaker denounces said forces and their toxic authority.…

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Poetry: Single Women by Yasmine Ameli

In “Single Women,” the speaker remembers a time when there were no men around to encourage “the pretension of our modesty.” Instead, freedom and liberation reign, as the women “roamed the house…with or without bath towels or underwear.”   Single…

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Our 2020 Chapbook Winner Debuts Now!

Frederick Speers’ IN THE YEAR OF OUR MAKING & UNMAKING is here! It’s free, it’s digital, it’s all yours. Read the chapbook now. The Frontier team is beyond excited to share with you our third chapbook, the winner of the…

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Poetry: The Stent by Maya Eashwaran

In “The Stent,” the speaker laments the illness of her father, using fruit as a metaphor for life and hardship. In the end, there is even empathy for the disease: who could resist her father’s heart?   The Stent In…

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Poetry: Mackerel by Khalisa Rae

In “Mackerel,” teenage girls become theologists of the body—transforming a “sweet communion of burning” into their own vivid and direct meaning. We’re excited to publish this new electric work from Khalisa Rae, and to announce as well that she will…

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Poetry: Spectacle by Sarah Ghazal Ali

In “Spectacle,” a routine yet invasive medical procedure symbolizes the surveillance we have on women, women of color, and their bodies. With references to the Bible, the speaker in “Spectacle” contemplates a puzzling dilemma of rigidness or modernity: “who consoled…

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