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Poetry: “Poster Child” by Carling McManus

Carling McManus brings us queer yearning with a thumping, rhythmic beat, accessing alliteration to bring us into an unfulfilled and all-too-familiar longing that reeks of adolescence. She writes: “I studied the figures, pictured them / shirtless, sweaty, sleeping or showering,…

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Welcome to LINE LEVEL: Craft Lessons from Poets of Color, a monthly column in which writer, editor, and educator Joanna Acevedo zooms in on an element of craft from the work of BIPOC poets. LINE LEVEL unfolds in three parts:…

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Poetry: “Pre-” by Maureen Morris

“I am clutching tight to every / pre-bombing, every pre-drug-induced nosedive. / The pre-dawn ghost of my dead cat jamming her head / against my calf in a figure eight, gray ears flattening alternately.” In this poem, Maureen Morris uses…

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