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Exceptional Poetry From Around the Web: May 2019

Here’s a short selection of some of the best new poems hitting the web this April. These five poets, both established and emerging, deserve your attention and support—featuring work from: Kayleb Rae Candrilli in The Normal School, Samantha Frank in…

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Poetry: Lilac Cento as American Sonnet by J. David

J. David has so elegantly performed the cento sonnet here—each piece fitting in fair relationship. “Lilac Cento as American Sonnet” raises the bar high for contemporary engagement with form. Lilac Cento as American Sonnet Danez Smith, Stanley Kunitz, Rachel Eliza…

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Poetry: Severity by Jessica Regione

Do love poems need love? Or just the anxiety of its proximity? Jessica Regione’s “Severity” works so well because that anxiety is delicately laid bare over a wintery afternoon. Modern romance: the unknowable ways we wish to describe the softness…

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