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Poetry: Night Psalms by Alyson Kissner

Alyson Kissner’s “Night Psalms” speaks with piercing, prophetic brevity. “Ask me,” the speaker begs, and invites us into a question that the poem allows to expand like darkness within its numbered framework.  Night Psalms 1 Let there be light, He…

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Poetry: revolutionary recipe by Aida Bardissi

Inviting us into an anthem toward abundance, Aida Bardissi writes with unmatched lushness. “revolutionary recipe” is a slow feast, asking us to consider love and all the defiant ways it might nourish and sustain us, with “one fist in air,…

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Poetry: In Grief by Shannan Mann

This poem by Shannan Mann has grief fifteen times. A ghazal, an epic, a gift, a woman’s own yawp, “In Grief” searches—like a scalpel searches—the space of grief for both joy and terror, rest and violence. In Grief Men of…

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