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Poetry: Two Poems by Stacy Boe Miller

These two poems make secrets feel familiar. Stacy Boe Miller archives moments here, in “Hollow” and “Boil Down”—small, intimate moments of childhood, of death and love and the body, knocking together like pearls on a string you’d wear to a…

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Frontier Poetry — Eyes on 2018

Another trip around the sun, another opportunity to do something new: 2018 is going to be a good year, full of assertive hope and reckless joy—like a puppy with a shotgun.   What are we doing in 2018 at Frontier?…

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Frontier Poetry — Year of Poems 2017

Reflection, meditation, screaming into pillows at Grandma’s house: the holidays can both be hard and soft and everything in between. And into that, gently, we’d like to remind you of all the beautiful, unbelievable, joyful, striking poems we have had…

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2017 Award for New Poets: Souvenir by Todd Smith

We are so pleased to share with you the winning poem of the 2017 Award for New Poets—”Souvenir,” selected by guest judge Tyehimba Jess, explores with trembling sincerity the fragility of family, and love, and self. Todd Smith has won…

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The Award for New Poets — Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of Frontier Poetry’s Award for New Poets and an enormous thanks to everyone who submitted. We saw an incredible number of submissions and the quality of writing was extraordinary. Thank you, also, for your patience while…

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