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The 2020 Industry Award // $3000 // Judged by Daniel Slager, Carmen Giménez Smith, and Peter LaBerge

Closes 7/19/20

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Dear Poets,

Welcome to the 2020 Frontier Industry Prize! For this one, we want to award one poem the $3000 prize—selected by a panel of judges representing different unique pillars of our industry.

Carmen Giménez Smith is the Co-Director of the fabulous community organization, Cantomundo; Daniel Slager is the publisher of the incredible dream press, Milkweed Editions; and Peter LaBerge is the wonderfully talented founder and editor of The Adroit Journal, where many of your favorite new poets find their first footing. The panel of these three judges will collaborate to select a single winning poem from a group of finalists for the $3000 prize and publication on Frontier. Our Frontier team will select the ten finalists—we're excited to get to put some amazing poets in front of these amazing professionals.

We're excited as well to reward our 2nd and 3rd place poems, selected by the judges, with $200 / $100 respectively and with publication on Frontier Poetry. The winner and finalists will be announced Fall 2019.

Josh // Editor of Frontier Poetry



  • Submissions are open to all poets writing primarily in English.
  • No identifying information in the submission document. Our diverse team of readers will read all submissions blind.
  • Unpublished poems only.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions but please notify us if your work is picked up elsewhere.
  • No more than TWO poems per submission (due to overwhelming response, and for the sanity of our readers).
  • There is no line-limit. Poems may be any length, any style, or any subject.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • Please include a brief cover letter with your publication history and about yourself.
  • International submissions are welcome.
  • Submission fee of $20.
  • Deadline is July 19th.

If you have any questions about submissions of any kind or would like to query a current submission, please visit our FAQ page https://www.frontierpoetry.com/faq/, or send an email to: contact (at) frontierpoetry (dot) com


Note on what we look for:

We do not hold preference for any particular style or topic—we simply seek the best poem we can find. Send us work that is blister, that is color, that strikes hot the urge to live and be. For a sense of what we are looking for, read through our previously published poems or What We Look For. We warmly and sincerely invite all voices, and especially those that have been historically marginalized or under-heard to submit and partner with us.

We also highly encourage you to submit your poetry for free to our New Voices, open year-round. We pay our emerging NV poets $50 per poem, published every Friday. New Voices is the beating heart of Frontier, and we hope to read your work soon. Thank you so much for supporting the community of new and emerging poets.

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