Poetry: mythologies by Thomas Nguyen

Thomas Nguyen’s poem makes of the readers own body a delicate collection of pine needles and mud. With greens and blacks and marbled whites, “mythologies” reveals a world dark, haunting—we’re all, by the end, thirsty with prayer.



& remember      you were born
of the river’s silt. when your mother
knelt,     thirst became prayer, timeworn
& plea. her hands,      another

offering. remember that the water
held her. that when the sun      burned veins
into her arm, there was no crackle     & hiss,
only     choiring     sparrows that roost

within the night     of her hair. remember
the froth     above the stream’s marl, porous
& bone-white. that the brittle     press
of her spine was formed     from nothing

but shiver. when wind filled the grooves
of her frame     like a home. when her body
lay     sealed in its shrine, you were the friar
chanting     for its rise.



Thomas Nguyen

Thomas Nguyen is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied neuroscience and creative writing. He is currently completing the MS in Narrative Medicine program at Columbia University and hopes to pursue an MFA in poetry afterward. His work is forthcoming or published in the Bellevue Literary Review, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, DIALOGIST, and Nashville Review, among other journals.

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