Poetry: Something — Eye Spy for Queer Colored Boys by Alyx Jordan

Alyx Jordan captures something of the “ruthless” flesh here. They’ve buried our bodies in the dirt, the pine needles—asking to play a game of shovels and live-wire. “Something—Eye Spy” is not a poem to be missed.


Something — Eye Spy for Queer Colored Boys

askew, akin / to coming unstuck from the mirror, another

body you / don’t ever talk about / so nothing is named, no boys

conjured, no strangers kept / scratching the roofs of their coffins

down in the / earth, breath / reek with pine needles / dangerous

edens, reminders / of dirt / or else

flesh, itself / a ruthless thing, thin chances / fruits

green down / all the way to bone, grown

homesick / like diseased, not desired. / Something heavy

in the sweat / thick as weather / or an idle

jinx / wipes its feet on your larynx, racks / a jack-

knife / through your abdomen / rattles and knocks

loose, looks / for the shovel inside of your / lover’s /

mouth / digs a live-wire out of his spine / says open and / your / mouth

never closes / is never / close / enough to the shovel / and never

open enough to be filled. / Something warm, worn / like old

Phonographic wax / some doomed accordian / peeling

quatrains from iron / bound ballads, blood-colored quartz

red / rum

sugar ciphers. / Some-

thing / anew / call it critical syn / thesis / a subtle thief

unscrewing all the vines of your body, beating under

vault of storms / smooth as river rock / her verse

welcome / s / words

xiphoid serifs / filed / and rayed, blades / cast / x-caliber

yes and / something / a sorrow-song / for you

zero / sum / hero / you son of Zeus.



Alyx Jordan

Alyx Jordan (they/them) has been writing poetry since graduating with a BFA in Theater from Clark University. Their previous publishing credits include Half Mystic Journal, Cordella, Writers Resist, Memoryhouse, and wildness. They make a living, here and there, as a teacher or—more often than not— a server in some diner or other. Mostly, they write about their complicated relationship with Cuban heritage, or else the view from their porch, whenever they can slip in the time.

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