Poetry: The Introvert & Life Beside by D.R. Shipp

“The Introvert & Life Beside” by D.R. Shipp reminds us sometimes the monotony of life draws a black cloud over our heads, and sometimes the day is filled with marvel, with Cobb salads, with crowds. And these things, the everyday-ness of humanity is what makes us human.


The Introvert & Life Beside

When I grin-grimace over cocktails, I tumble
into glass like a lyric, a melody pouring back into its reed.
I mix a conversational tone with an economy of words,
the result is Cobb salad, boxed croutons, prepackaged
without expiration.  I fail the personality test.
Darkness swallows the orchestra whole.
Most days life is happening just beside me
with the subtlety of a ransom.  Other days, I marvel
as the sky lifts its vestments to reveal fiery constellations.
I don’t chip a tooth on small talk or swim through crowds
like a carried cross.  The moments nearly make a man.




D.R. Shipp

D.R. Shipp, originally from Texas, is an observer finding his way. A poetry finalist in the Atlanta Review, Juxtaprose, Tinderbox Journal, his work can also be found in Chaleur, Cleaver Magazine, Silver Needle Press, Waxing & Waning and others. He splits his time between now and then, traveling. He has a curious online following, instagram @shippwreckage.

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