Poetry: Arco by Faylita Hicks

“In the desert, I am—” Faylita Hicks’ “Arco” gathers the brittle and brine of syllable and vowel to press upon the reader an urgent hunger, her every word a “facility of ghosts, starved for the heated flicks.” Welcome to the burning California desert.



Faylita Hicks

Faylita Hicks’s debut collection, HoodWitch (Acre Books, 2019), has been named a finalist for the 2020 Lambda Literary Award, and work included has won Best of Net and nominations for the Pushcart Prize. Hicks was a finalist for the PEN America Writing for Justice Fellowship and Palette Poetry Spotlight Award, and is the recipient of fellowships from Right of Return USA, Lambda Literary, and Jack Jones Literary Arts. Their poems and essays are published or forthcoming in Poetry Magazine, Longreads, Adroit Journal, Barrelhouse, the Rumpus, the Cincinnati Review, Tahoma Literary Review, Prairie Schooner, SLATE Magazine, Huffington Post, Texas Observer, and others. Hicks is the Editor-in-Chief of Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review.

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