Poetry: to witness sunset & not say goodbye by Praise Osawaru

In “to witness sunset & not say goodbye,” the speaker searches for something resembling love, only to find “a half-healed wound pealing itself.” Also, through social media interactions or lack-thereof, with a potential suitor, the speaker’s longings only seem to grow and multiply.


to witness sunset & not say goodbye

another night of interring the animal in me when nighttime’s

wind blows & rattles my bones. our ship folded some months ago,


& though I downed loneliness like beer, & time has stretched me

into the field of trimly-rooted rows of hope, substituted the


scorch of loss with lyrics of glee; minutes of longing digs into me,

a half-healed wound peeling itself. what is it about warmth


that plunges one into an ocean of insanity? how I haste to view

your page & bombard your photos with sighs of mild what-ifs


& slip-up likes. I envision you, too, tumble into this yawning hole.

I mean, the occasional deleted sent-messages—I see them & break,


like the day, into a sunlit sky. funny how we persist in returning

to pommel on each other’s door. in a way, we’re lakes with nowhere


to go. does it matter what breaks if it can be replaced?

everyone desires a warmed hand / a haven of chest /


night sky with a choir of glittering rhinestones /

to witness sunset & not say goodbye. forgive me,


this is just another episode of trying to fill a body with love.



Praise Osawaru

Praise Osawaru (he/him) is a writer of Bini descent. A Best of the Net nominee, his work appears or is forthcoming in FIYAH, The Hellebore, Rigorous Magazine, Lit Quarterly, Knights Library Magazine, and Roadrunner Review, among others. He was a finalist for the 2020 Jack Grapes Poetry Prize and the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize 2020, and he's a recipient of the NF2W Poetry Scholarship. He's a reader for both Barren Magazine and Chestnut Review, and he's on Instagram & Twitter: @wordsmithpraise.

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