Poetry: Night Psalms by Alyson Kissner

Alyson Kissner’s “Night Psalms” speaks with piercing, prophetic brevity. “Ask me,” the speaker begs, and invites us into a question that the poem allows to expand like darkness within its numbered framework. 

Night Psalms

1 Let there be light, He says, and He is
made light.
And I am the shadow corrected.
2 Ask me what, if anything, can night claim to know
without its witnesses?




Alyson Kissner

Alyson Kissner is a Canadian-born poet completing her PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. Both her creative and critical work interrogate themes of abuse, trauma, and tenderness. She has published in The Rumpus, Gutter Magazine, The Toast, and elsewhere. Most recently, Alyson was co-winner of the 2022 Edwin Morgan Poetry Award. She may be found @alykissner for questions and community.

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