Poetry: Aubade with Tomorrow by Samuel A. Betiku

A poem that in its concision sings hope against “the bane” of burdening histories, Samuel A. Betiku’s aubade claims tomorrow as a place not just of survival, but beyond it into “blossoming.”

Aubade with Tomorrow

This is the bane: history

is a riddled hymn reeling

in the soul’s stereo. Still,

the life you failed to hold

is no grave enough to hold you.

Like the hole in God’s crucified palm,

you can flaunt what you outlived.

Throw your weight against the sun.

I am your blossoming. I am attainable.


Samuel A. Betiku

Samuel A. Betiku is a Nigerian writer from the city of Ondo, South West Nigeria. His works have appeared in journals and anthologies, including Rattle, The Offing, The Temz Review, Trampset, The Christian Century, Strange Horizons, Agbow├│, The Deadlands, and elsewhere.

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