2023 Ekphrastic Poetry Prize Third Place Winner: “Ode to Joe Brainard” by Apollo Beaber

Please join us in congratulating Frontier Poetry‘s Ekphrastic Poetry Prize Third Place winner, the commendable Apollo Beaber. Read his poem, selected by guest judge Steve Bellin-Oka, “Ode to Joe Brainard.” 

Apollo Beaber utilizes intentional form, detailed imagery, and raw emotion to depict a beautiful and vulnerable piece of art.

Apollo Beaber

Apollo Beaber is an art history student and poet living in Portland, Oregon. Beaber’s work explores the self as both fracture and collage, while engaging with themes of queerness, art, and the natural world as a means of examining the historical matrix within which we all live, love, lose, and repeat, endlessly. His poetry has been published in Gargoyle Magazine and Oroboro Literary Journal. Beaber can be found on instagram @beaber.aj and contacted via email at beaber.aj@gmail.com

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