Ways to Give

If anything, today can be about giving, about gratitude and generosity and an opportunity for good. We’ve collected a handful of those opportunities here, with a literary focus. Nothing fills life with meaning like being the hands and feet of love.

The Women’s Prison Book Project

This is a powerful organization that serves women and trans folk inside prisons, by sharing with them the affirmative power of story and language.

They accept any book you’d like to send, but they are looking for books by transgender writers right now.

First Book

First book has been working hard for education equality for a couple decades now. They’ve sent out 170 million books so far to classrooms of kids in need, and they’re just getting started.

You can become a member and volunteer in a classroom or early childhood program with them as well.

United Through Reading

United Through Reading is one of those rare organizations that is tackling a specific problem for a deployed military men and women.

United Through Reading actually helps the deployed parents record bedtime stories for their children at home.

Girls Write Now

Girls Write Now is an awesome organization that is focused on elevating young women through mentorship, college prep, and creative writing instruction.

You can get involved by donating or becoming a member or mentor.


Support an Independent Press

Independent Presses are the bones of our community. We at Frontier know that we’ve never had such a supportive, engaging, challenging community as the one of poets.

Electric Lit made an incredible list earlier this year of 2017 poetry collections coming out from all the Indie Presses. Browse and buy and give money to the organizations that really are putting it to good use.

Uptown Stories

Uptown Stories, a small but mighty nonprofit organization in Washington Heights, is on a mission to inspire young people to discover and develop their inner voice within a diverse community of writers.  This fall, they offered ten in-school and after-school classes in genres including fiction, fantasy, comics, screenwriting, poetry, and political writing among others.


Most importantly, to ensure their workshops are accessible to all families, their tuition is pay-what-you-can. In a neighborhood where 37% of children live below the poverty line, and over 60% are foreign born, this tuition policy promotes a genuinely diverse, inclusive environment. They’re doing good work.

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