2017 Award for New Poets Shortlist

Congratulations to the twenty-five poets chosen for our 2017 Award for New Poets shortlist! The following poems were sent to Tyehimba Jess for final selection and the winners will be announced on or before January 1, 2018. Thank you again to everyone who submitted. We were blown away by the quality and creativity of the work. Stay tuned for the winning poems and writers!

Award for New Poets Shortlist

“the daughter’s paradelle//3” by Natalie Sharp

“Throw Roses at Me” by Sara Burnett

“Undone” by Brionne Janae

“Masks for Facial Disfigurement” by Kate Fox

“all the rape poems” by Elizabeth Gross

“Souvenir” by Todd Smith

“Geometries of a Lynching” by Keith S. Wilson

“ecidyruE” by SP Mulroy

“the neighbor’s house” by Benjamin Hertwig

“deciduous qween IV” by Matty Layne Glasgow

“Daughtering” by Tsitsi Jaji

“When It’s Actually Too Late, We’ll Know Because the Oilman Will Show Us Where He Gets It” by Matt Koucky

“Ghost Photo” by Jaun R. Palomo

“In Which I Search for My Brother’s Missing Body in Ohio” by Khaty Xiong

“We Change Our Origin in Winter” by Emily Duquette

“Paradise Motel Lounge: Three Episodes” by Chad Foret

“Love poem with a knife” by Kara Jackson

“Lineage” by Desiree Seebaran

“A Medley” by Ebonesiah Morrow

“Ars Poetica” by Seema Yasmin

“Lie With Me Because I Want You to See” by Amy Wang

“Granny Juanita” by Thiahera Nurse

“Birthday” by Carley Parsons

“Making Hay” by Dana A. Dever

“Early” by Heidi Glyn Barker



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