The 2022 Frontier OPEN — Winner and Finalists!

Congratulations to the winners of Frontier Poetry’s 2022 OPEN and an enormous thanks to everyone who submitted. Thank you, also, for your patience while we reviewed all the extraordinary work. A BIG round of applause to Yi Wei, the winner of our $5000 prize. Yi Wei’s poem will be published on January 16th next month, and the Finalists in three parts over the following three days.



“Diction” by Yi Wei (coming January 16th)

Yi Wei is a writer. She’s editing at Asian American Writers’ Workshop and her work can be found or is forthcoming in Palette Poetry, Canthius, Pigeon Pages, and Poetry Northwest. Yi has been awarded or placed for the Lois Morrell Poetry Prize, the Sappho Prize for Women Poets, Best of the Net, and the Lorraine Williams Poetry Prize. She’s currently a Writer in the Public Schools fellow at NYU.



To Be Published the Week of January 16th

by Adedayo Agarau


“Impact of Return”
by Jason B. Crawford


“Mass (a reverse sestina)”
by Chelsea Dingman


“Trophic Level / Ode to a Roadkill Doe”
by Grace MacNair


by Kiki Nicole


“Portrait of My Arrival as Grief”
by Georgio Russell


by Shakeema Smalls


“Because ‘I do take this woman to be my lawful wedded wife’ is a performative utterance, but so is ‘I now pronounce you—”
by Billie Tadros


“autumn homecomings”
by Amy Wang



Adeosun Adams
Bree Bailey
Jake Bailey
Leia Bradley
Kathleen Calby
Taber Cannon
Zachariah Claypole White
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
Ronald Davis
Dorothy DiRienzi
Ukata Edwardson
Simon Peter Eggertsen
John Fadely
Joshua Flourish
Jade Gaynor
Mónica Gomery
Shirley Jones-Luke
Kevin Kreiger
Andrew Lucy
Marina Dora Martino
Brandon Meland
Yvette Nepper
Chukwuemeka Nome
Willow O’Leary
Jennifer Perrine
Jade Riordan
Maya Salameh
Tom Sheehan
Tramaine Suubi
D’mani Thomas
Othuke Umukoro
Felicia Zamora
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