The 2023 Hurt and Healing Prize — Winners and Finalists!

Congratulations to the winners of our inaugural Hurt and Healing Prize, and thank you to everyone who submitted! We’re delighted to announce that Andrés Cerpa has selected Eliza Gilbert as the winner of our $3000 award! In second place, we have Geramee Hensley, and in third place, Sara Elkamel. We can’t wait to share their work with you this June!

And we’d like to offer a warm congratulations to our finalists and those on the longlist, recorded below.



Eliza Gilbert

“My Father Postpones His Appearance on Wheel of Fortune While I’m in Rehab”

To be published on June 6


2nd Place

Geramee Hensley

“Ode to My Family in Key of Fried Chicken & Fried Rice”

To be published on June 7


3rd Place

Sara Elkamel


To be published on June 8


The Finalists Are

Christopher Greggs

Dalia Elhassan

Grace Ezra

Heather Nagami

Lisa Kerr

Mia Willis

Shana Ross


The Poets on the Longlist Are

Aman K. Batra

Ann-Maire Blanchard

Ari Mokdad

Blake Z. Rong

Brenda Taulbee

C. Sinclaire Brown

Candice Kelsey

Cindy Huyser

CJ West

D. D. Segovia

Dana Belott

Elina Katrin

Elisabeth Preston-Hsu

Hilda Weiss

Ja’net Danielo

JC Andrews

Jessica Cohn

Jingyu Li

Jo Clark

Julia Joy

Justin Hunt

Katey Linskey

Katherine Menjivar

Kathy Jacobs

Ken Haas

Kiera McCabe

Leia K. Bradley

Mackenzie Schubert Polonyi Donnelly

Mishal Syed

Nicole Adabunu

Nora Hikari

Oak Morse

Saleem Hue Penny

Sarah Elizabeth Cronin

Sequoia Maner

Seth Rosenbloom

Shy-Zahir Moses

T. Liegeois

Talia BarNoy

Ziyi Yan

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