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Summer Poetry Award Winner and Runner-Ups

Congratulations to our winner, Heather Treseler! Leila Chatti is our second place winner and Aurora Masum-Javed has been selected for third place. Thank you to all the finalists and submitters for making this such a beautifully difficult choice this year.…

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The Summer Poetry Award — Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2018 Frontier Summer Poetry Award and an enormous thanks to everyone who submitted. We saw an incredible number of submissions and the quality of writing was extraordinary. Thank you, also, for your patience while…

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Poetry: Glitter Ode by Andrew Hemmert

“Glitter Ode” struts through a exuberant associative landscape, with glitter—marvelously annoying and excessive—as anchor, as compass. Hemmert’s poem has got us on our feet, wiggling, turning our hips and shoulders and feet, looking for the shine.   Glitter Ode  …

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Poetry: Corporal by Shane Chergosky

Our editors love the way Shane Chergosky’s poem generates an authentic and gothic setting out of the skate park—the empty cans, the suggestion of infinity, and that sick, bleeding sky. “Corporal” exceeds itself and its deliberately banal details wonderfully at…

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Poetry: Infant Tusks by Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore’s “Infant Tusks” breaks hearts, while the poem plays with its central image ingeniously. Levity, cruelty, danger, and pride—all here. All a piece of parenting.   Infant Tusks If only I had, they would have been, what, different? Less…

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Industry Prize Runner-Up: Bosky Farm by Gabriel Kruis

Our Industry Prize judges were equally admirable of Brian Tierney’s poetry as they were of Gabriel Kruis’—they both tied for second place. Today we publish Kruis’ poem, “Bosky Farm,” a raucous associative journey, political and subversive, through the speaker’s time…

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