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Poetry: Co-Operative by Sarah Barber

By Sarah Barber | April 17, 2017

Poetry, at its best, engages the human body in whatever way it can. There is room enough for poems like this one by Sarah Barber—room enough to speak truth to the needles ravaging American families. Sarah doesn’t hide here, nor…

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Poetry: I Am Pretending There Was No Restaurant by Chrys Tobey

By Chrys Tobey | April 14, 2017

This poem performs its conceit well. A familiar anxiety hugs the imagery—that all too familiar unease of love lost & discarded. Pay attention to the way the conceit returns, returns again, & rides the imagery like an unhappy passenger. See…

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Poetry: Prayer to Saint Joseph: For the Restless by Josephine Yu

By Josephine Yu | April 12, 2017

Josephine Yu accomplishes something difficult here: a poem that talks about faith with neither the baggage of too much self-seriousness or half-thought cynicism. She brings fresh urban landscapes into the language of small transcendence—grounding, as we watch, the suicide, the…

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