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Poetry: Cradle and All by Taylor D’Amico

By Taylor D'Amico | May 17, 2019

We adore this new poem by Taylor D’Amico—how it flirts with the sonnet form, how it maneuvers so gently between the delicate subjects. “Cradle and All” announces an arrival for D’Amico: a poet here to stay. Cradle and All I…

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Poetry: Lilac Cento as American Sonnet by J. David

By J. David | May 10, 2019

J. David has so elegantly performed the cento sonnet here—each piece fitting in fair relationship. “Lilac Cento as American Sonnet” raises the bar high for contemporary engagement with form. Lilac Cento as American Sonnet Danez Smith, Stanley Kunitz, Rachel Eliza…

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Poetry: mapmaking by Destiny Hemphill

By Destiny Hemphill | May 3, 2019

Every body is a frontier of survival, and Destiny Hemphill’s poem lays the map bare. The speaker builds a life out of memories pinned to her body, to the palm of her hand and to her ribs and to her…

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Poetry: Severity by Jessica Regione

By Jessica Regione | April 26, 2019

Do love poems need love? Or just the anxiety of its proximity? Jessica Regione’s “Severity” works so well because that anxiety is delicately laid bare over a wintery afternoon. Modern romance: the unknowable ways we wish to describe the softness…

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Poetry: Standing at The Mirror, The Author Writes by Brandon Melendez (with Interview)

By Brandon Melendez | April 19, 2019

This poem, from Brandon Melendez just-released debut from Write Bloody Publishing—Gold that Frames the Mirror—is an affirmation, a confession of acceptance. And while the speaker’s body ripens with a choice: to hate, or to forgive, so much depends on the swing of a…

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Poetry: 3 Poems by Carlina Duan

By Carlina Duan | April 12, 2019

These three poems by Carlina Duan, demanding to be published together, intimately reveal family: “Portrait with Bok Choy in Pan” animates the kitchen, the cook’s tender art; “The Older Sister” aches with sibling affection; while “On Mackinac Island, I Cast…

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Poetry: Ezekiel 37 by Sean McQuinney

By Sean McQuinney | April 5, 2019

The Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37) projects a mass resurrection of bones and death for the prophet Ezekiel—an incomprehensibly bold prophecy in today’s after-Auschwitz world, and one with which Sean McQuinney wrestles beautifully to find his voice…

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Poetry: The Fortune Teller by Jessica Fischoff

By Jessica Fischoff | March 29, 2019

Jessica Fischoff’s mythic poem leans into divinated romance, star-spoken inevitability. “The Fortune Teller” speaks with few lines, but pulls the wide galactic into the palm, the body. We want the fortune to be real.   The Fortune Teller Give me…

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2018 Frontier OPEN Runner-Ups: Elizabeth Oxley & Sam Zafris

By Frontier Poetry | March 27, 2019

Honored to share the two runner-ups to the 2018 Frontier OPEN: Elizabeth Oxley has won 2nd place and Sam Zafris 3rd!   Expelling Venus by Elizabeth Oxley When the doctor says he’ll need to remove my ovaries, I consider performing a…

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2018 Frontier OPEN Finalists

By Frontier Poetry | March 26, 2019

First, a sincere thank you to all the finalists for partnering with us. All of these poems deserve high praise, featuring work by Jocelyn Williams, Korey Williams, Hillary Martin, K.A. Jagai, and Oriana Ivy. E.D. Watson is also a finalist,…

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