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Poetry: Bad Aesthetic by Max Lasky

By Max Lasky | May 29, 2020

Max Lasky’s new poem, “Bad Aesthetic,”  lands like granite, like stone. “for the fifteen minutes you were dead,” the poem explains—it’s all burning, the funeral is near, but still the fireflies go.   Bad Aesthetic Helpless on the carpet, harmed…

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2019 Antioch Fellowship, 1st Place Winner: Haematology #1 by Momtaza Mehri

By Momtaza Mehri | May 27, 2020

So excited, we can barely hold it! Here it is: Momtaza Mehri’s wonderful, supremely evocative poem that convinced us she deserved the fellowship prize and an all expenses paid trip to AULA’s MFA residency in Los Angeles this winter.  …

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Poetry: Babel Sestina by James O’Leary

By James O'Leary | May 22, 2020

“Babel Sestina” performs a journey through the powers of language, of naming and gendering, of grammarizing our own identities. James O’Leary’s poem declares, “We invent anew mountain, reach up for new holy”—but ends in a question: what’s left in our…

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2019 Antioch Fellowship, 2nd Place Winner: An Explanation by Madeleine Cravens

By Madeleine Cravens | May 20, 2020

We’re all very excited to share with you the 1st runner up of our Antioch Fellowship, “An Explanation” by Madeleine Cravens: an investigation of womanhood, of getting older, of reading the slow, slow message of our own past. Stay tuned…

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Poetry: Arco by Faylita Hicks

By Faylita Hicks | May 15, 2020

“In the desert, I am—” Faylita Hicks’ “Arco” gathers the brittle and brine of syllable and vowel to press upon the reader an urgent hunger, her every word a “facility of ghosts, starved for the heated flicks.” Welcome to the…

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2019 Antioch Fellowship, 3rd Place Winner: American Sonnet for the Argonauts by Joanna Ng

By Joanna Ng | May 13, 2020

We’re all very excited to share with you the 2nd runner up of our Antioch Fellowship. Stay tuned for our second place poem by Madeleine Cravens next Wednesday, and our winner Momtaza Mehri ‘s poetry on the 22nd. Today, we…

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Poetry: Multiverse of Madness (in Technicolor) by Jordan E. Franklin

By Jordan E. Franklin | May 8, 2020

Jordan E. Franklin has seemingly made the right choice: an “imagination / that ran naked / and green through / the Flatbush” of her skull. And it shows—”Multiverse of Madness (in Technicolor)” races through its broken lines and mad whitespace,…

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Poetry: Final Relaxation by Akhim Yuseff Cabey

By Akhim Cabey | May 1, 2020

Akhim Yuseff Cabey’s “Final Relaxation” is a full row of teeth: neatly and densely packed, every word carefully designed by its context to lift more than its muscles should allow. This is how words get in our bodies—this, this.  …

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Poetry: What Rituals Did You Perform? by Kathryn Hunt

By Kathryn Hunt | April 24, 2020

Kathryn Hunt’s elegy pursues the ultimately elusive goal: meaning and sense before the lip of the grave. Somehow, “What Rituals Did You Perform?” answers itself, as only poetry does, in the asking.   What Rituals Did You Perform? When you…

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Poetry: Foundling by Anna Seidel

By Anna Seidel | April 17, 2020

“Foundling” by Anna Seidel: a poem that leaves room in the mouth for tonguing the edge of each sweet word. Foundling In the evening, a scorpion in bed. A cheerful and a sad wind blowing across the room. You kiss…

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