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By Michael Trocchia | August 17, 2018

Michael Trocchia’s poem plays with wonderful absurdity, with “gross splendor” from every angle—crafting an esthetic relaxation where the profound dances gracefully in your peripheral vision. “One Man’s Success and Failure” is a triumph of blah.   ON ONE MAN’S SUCCESS…

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Industry Prize Runner-Up: Polyphagia by Brian Tierney

By Brian Tierney | August 15, 2018

Our Industry Prize judges were equally admirable of Brian Tierney’s poetry as they were of Gabriel Kruis’—they both tied for second place. Today we publish Tierney’s poem, “Polyphagia,” a wonderful and vulnerable meditation on the struggle of an eating disorder.…

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Poetry: Cantata by Vedran Husic

By Vedran Husic | August 10, 2018

We’re always on the lookout for a great poem that uses rhyme and meter in traditional ways—Vedran Husic’s “Cantata” excels with elegant, simple rhymes. As its title suggests, the heart of the work is music, a thing for your mouth,…

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Industry Prize Winner: Dress code for an immigration interview by Kristin Chang

By Kristin Chang | August 8, 2018

We are so honored to share with you all the winning poem of our Industry Prize. Kristin Chang’s “Dress code for an immigration interview” received the highest scores from judges Don Share, Nicole Sealey, and Matthew Zapruder—a well deserved recognition…

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Poetry: After an Accident by Jacqueline Schaalje

By Jacqueline Schaalje | August 3, 2018

Traumatic moments come in many shapes, and here, Jacqueline Schaalje works to reveal one of the most common: the car accident. Ambivalent and child-like, the speaker of “After an Accident” doesn’t want to forget—they want to capture the “glitter” of…

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Poetry: The Salesman by Jackson Arn

By Jackson Arn | July 27, 2018

Arn’s “The Salesman” shows all the qualities of a good contemporary sonnet, the perennial form: the subtle bending rhymes inside and ending the lines, the compact story, the lines that break rhythm and syntax with purpose, and the well-timed, twisting…

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Poetry: wintering by Amy LeBlanc

By Amy LeBlanc | July 20, 2018

Amy LeBlanc’s poem “Wintering” is a master of the short line—trembling and damaged bodies laid across four syllables. We’re enthralled by the pressed imagery, the slant rhymes, the wish for peace. Wintering he torched the skin that i’m still in.…

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Poetry: Dream with Ex-Lover Ending in Red by Babette Cieskowski

By Babette Cieskowski | July 13, 2018

By the second pair of lines, the gentle hiding of men in flowers, we were hooked to this poem. Babette Cieskowski’s language blooms in delicate song: the shucked pearls, the blood root, the windowsill—”Dream With Ex-Lover In Red” is a…

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Poetry: mythologies by Thomas Nguyen

By Thomas Nguyen | July 6, 2018

Thomas Nguyen’s poem makes of the readers own body a delicate collection of pine needles and mud. With greens and blacks and marbled whites, “mythologies” reveals a world dark, haunting—we’re all, by the end, thirsty with prayer.   mythologies &…

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Poetry: Two Poems by Asa Drake

By Asa Drake | June 29, 2018

This pair of poems by Asa Drake offer a harmony unique to themselves—one magnifying the other, and both about love, both filled out with Drake’s assured confidence in the strange.   The Wasp Doesn’t shelter herself in work. Who is…

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