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Poetry: The Ballerina by Marisa Webster

By Marisa Webster | September 27, 2019

“The Ballerina,” by Marisa Webster, holds together with the glue of its own unmistakeable question: when does a ballerina stop being a ballerina? i.e. When does an identity become a story and no longer a lived reality? Through prosaic syntax…

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Poetry: The Fact of Things by Ja’net Danielo

By Ja'net Danielo | September 20, 2019

The musicality of “The Fact of Things” surprises—it’s skinny shape and journalistic voice bely a deep song about the fraught beauty of the world around us. Ja’net Danielo’s words firmly hold our gaze, right at the facts, at the bus…

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Poetry: Hypostasis by Triin Paja

By Triin Paja | September 13, 2019

“Hypostasis” soaks in mist, in daughters missing, in the mute colors of a dark and eager earth—in a few stanzas, Triin Paja peers into death and finds a violin. Listen to it sing:   Hypostasis Have you thanked God for…

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Poetry: Consistency by Sarah Carey

By Sarah Carey | September 6, 2019

Sarah Carey’s “Consistency” breaks itself on the idea of the love poem—what changes in marriage that changes love? what changes in ourselves? With wet and gripping imagery and a voice interrogative of all, Carey’s poem creates new, loving, meanings for…

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Poetry: Belonging by Ugonna-Ora Owoh

By Ugonna-Ora Owoh | August 30, 2019

Ugonna-Ora Owoh composes a world wherein bodies reign—holy and radiant, so much born and buried from the thighs and mouths of “Belonging.” Notice the black grazed elbows, the swallowed saliva, the forbidden appendage. Notice the holy love for the earthly…

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Poetry: At Dusk when I Hear an Arrow by Nicole Stockburger

By Nicole Stockburger | August 23, 2019

Nicole Stockburger writes in investigation of the evocative “crow-flying hour”—to fill the shape of a absent you with words, with mountains and fire and birds. “At Dusk when I Hear an Arrow” explains: time is never enough to fill the hole…

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Poetry: Love Litany by Hajjar Baban

By Hajjar Baban | August 16, 2019

Hajjar Baban reveals in “Love Litany” a universal maternity—we all make babies out of our dreams one way or another. Our babies, who keep us up at night: as horror, as negotiator, as double, as hope, as center of all…

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Poetry: Rules of Negotiation by Charity E. Yoro

By Charity E. Yoro | August 9, 2019

Charity E. Yoro’s prose poem opens the line to syntax in the way a prose poem should—the repetitive dependent clauses leaning against one another like dominoes, reflecting the speaker’s own “stained teeth” vulnerability. Even prose can howl, even prose can sing.…

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Poetry: Aftermath by Andrea Jurjević

By Andrea Jurjević | August 2, 2019

“Aftermath,” by poet and translator Andrea Jurjević, performs the haunting which is its subject: the fall invades, inevitable. Filled with incredible color and texture, each tercet rolls forward as if of the ocean—as if to swallow our lost and our…

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Poetry: Pavilion by Calvin Olsen

By Calvin Olsen | July 26, 2019

Calvin Olsen’s “Pavilion” puts its fingers on the fragile things: the light, the grapes, the seeds, the lover. He weaves here the idyllic rural as gently and quietly as any introverted dead before him.   Pavilion Tucked away under the…

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