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Poetry: Those First Days by Fay Dillof

By Fay Dillof | July 12, 2019

As an elegy, “Those First Days” asks us, with good humor and friendly temper, to reflect on loss, on being trapped in tragedy’s den while beauty softly pours itself over the earth outside. Fay Dillof is mesmerizing here: gentle and…

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Poetry: by you, I see only blue light by Kaja Lucas

By Kaja Rae Lucas | July 5, 2019

Kaja Lucas captures an essential modern and American element in “by you, I see only blue light”—the feed, the incessant reference to what has faded and what demands to stay alive. Almost a sonnet, almost an ode, almost, finally, morning.…

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Poetry: Weak Ode to Saffron by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad

By Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad | June 28, 2019

With “Weak Ode to Saffron,” Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad sets out to contain the luminous ingredient in language, in line breaks, in a New York Kitchen. But the saffron is too much, invites too much to be contained: love, Iran, the gnarled…

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Poetry: Esau’s Daughter by Lindsay Adkins

By Lindsay Adkins | June 21, 2019

Lindsay Adkins’ series of poems meditates on the famous character of Jewish literature from a new point of view—revealing, in its turnings and its own unique violences, a brickwork story of a daughter’s redemptive eager. “Fathers are made in the…

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Poetry: Two Poems by Steven Duong

By Steven Duong | June 14, 2019

Steven Duong’s poetry ripens with bodies, the struggle of skin—and he uses them as locus centers from which he can reach out to disparate realms of the universe and time to make new things of the old: ancient Rome and…

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Poetry: PASS WITH CARE by Sophie Klahr

By Sophie Klahr | June 7, 2019

A delicate sonnet cycle, Sophie Klahr’s “PASS WITH CARE” trembles lightly as an inviting hand, stuck out the rolled down window of her car. Here is a road trip so softly lonely that you can’t help but want to hop…

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Poetry: Dear Maddie by Michael Hurley

By Michael Hurley | May 31, 2019

Beyond an excellent title—who is Maddie? where is home?—Michael Hurley’s “Dead Maddie” crunches in the readers mouth: image and sound wonderfully in tune with themes of fragility and loss. Dear Maddie Spring has been cold but with newness +++++on the…

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Poetry: The Heart of the Matter by Kimberly Ann Southwick

By Kimberly Ann Southwick | May 24, 2019

Kimberly Ann Southwick’s “The Heart of the Matter” performs the life of spring with such delicate aural precision—to read the poem is to feel yourself ringing a slim plate of porcelain against the table, listening to the cracks patiently spread,…

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Poetry: Cradle and All by Taylor D’Amico

By Taylor D'Amico | May 17, 2019

We adore this new poem by Taylor D’Amico—how it flirts with the sonnet form, how it maneuvers so gently between the delicate subjects. “Cradle and All” announces an arrival for D’Amico: a poet here to stay. Cradle and All I…

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Poetry: Lilac Cento as American Sonnet by J. David

By J. David | May 10, 2019

J. David has so elegantly performed the cento sonnet here—each piece fitting in fair relationship. “Lilac Cento as American Sonnet” raises the bar high for contemporary engagement with form. Lilac Cento as American Sonnet Danez Smith, Stanley Kunitz, Rachel Eliza…

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