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Poetry: MAJOR ARCANA IN THE AUTUMN-DARK by Megan Bontrager

By Megan Bontrager | October 9, 2020

We’re all aching for a poem of transformation to wash over the world—may Megan Bontrager’s “MAJOR ARCANA IN THE AUTHUMN-DARK” be it’s guide and proclaimer.   MAJOR ARCANA IN THE AUTUMN-DARK                  …

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Poetry: I Can’t Breathe: When They Come As They Must by Jonathan Andrew Pérez

By Jonathan Andrew Perez | October 2, 2020

Jonathan Andrew Pérez’s lates is a poem for “another hot summer.” With prophetic spirit, “When They Come as They Must” delivers a rallying call for the seething, the unheard. I Can’t Breathe: When They Come As They Must When they…

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Poetry: On Pennsylvania Road by Lannie Stabile

By Lannie Stabile | September 25, 2020

Sibling love poems feel like a balm for the 2020 soul. Lannie Stabile’s “On Pennsylvania Road” is a fresh splash of intimacy to cool our burning brows: unafraid of sentimentality, unalloyed by irony.   On Pennsylvania Road      …

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Poetry: I Mean for a Thing to Be Other by Eric Stiefel

By Eric Stiefel | September 18, 2020

Eric Stiefel’s gently mystical “I Mean for a Thing to Be Other” explores loss with the same curiosity and eagerness as a tongue investigating a missing tooth. Who has not felt the pull toward the torn edges of absence, even…

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Poetry: Something in the Air Wants us too Much by Anthony Okpunor

By Anthony Okpunor | September 4, 2020

Anthony Okpunor faithfully leaps into the wellspring of trauma with “Something in the Air Wants us too Much”—a wellspring where the rules of reality break down. Yet, from that trauma, from that disorder, Okpunor has gathered a surreal web of…

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Poetry: Ode to Jogging, A Spotify Playlist & All My Friends Who Can’t Greet the Dawn With Ease by J.B. Stone

By JB Stone | August 28, 2020

“Lately,” JB Stone writes, joy “can be a chore to maintain.” Stone’s new poem meets us all where we are today, an Ode to the precipice of an unexpected reality and our anxious struggle to jog the new path.  …

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Types of Burns: Architecture by Prince Bush

By Prince Bush | August 26, 2020

Black lives matter. Jacob Blake’s life matters. Types of Burns has been a space for Black voices who have something to say about this moment. The series began with Prince Bush’s poem, “Types of Burns.” With gratitude, we finish the summer…

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Poetry: Faith is Tonal by Maya Mahmud

By Maya Mahmud | August 21, 2020

Maya Mahmud’s “Faith is Tonal” is an epic miniaturized: a mystical performance of music in language, in our bodies, in the flights of birds shining like facets of one great gem. Loosen your grip and fall into the spinning sound—let…

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Types of Burns: Love Letter on the Eve of Revolution by Jasmine Smith

By Jasmine Smith | August 19, 2020

Black Lives Matter. We must all do what we can, one individual choice at a time, to dismantle white supremacy—in our selves, our relationships, our communities, and our institutions. Frontier stands in unrelenting support of the protestors demanding change—we send…

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Poetry: How to Play Dead (Again) by Brittny Ray Crowell

By Brittny Ray Crowell | August 14, 2020

A poem for your body, Brittny Ray Crowell’s “How to Play Dead (Again)” invites you to perform power over the power of death itself (employed as it is by the racial caste system to kill in infinite ways and leave…

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