Poetry: Bad Aesthetic by Max Lasky

Max Lasky’s new poem, “Bad Aesthetic,”  lands like granite, like stone. “for the fifteen minutes you were dead,” the poem explains—it’s all burning, the funeral is near, but still the fireflies go.   Bad Aesthetic Helpless on the carpet, harmed…

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Poetry: Babel Sestina by James O’Leary

“Babel Sestina” performs a journey through the powers of language, of naming and gendering, of grammarizing our own identities. James O’Leary’s poem declares, “We invent anew mountain, reach up for new holy”—but ends in a question: what’s left in our…

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Poetry: Arco by Faylita Hicks

“In the desert, I am—” Faylita Hicks’ “Arco” gathers the brittle and brine of syllable and vowel to press upon the reader an urgent hunger, her every word a “facility of ghosts, starved for the heated flicks.” Welcome to the…

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