Poetry: Mississippi Genesis

A poem after the invented form of poet Amanda Johnston, the speaker tale spans of five generations told as a collective, disjointed account of history across the Mississippi landscape. Without a clear vision of their future but an unrelenting spirit…

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Poetry: Etel Adnan’s Final Voyage

Recounting a night in November which pays homage to the late Etel Adnan and the blooming sisterhood of six young women, Jolly’s poem traverses the landscape of history, intimacy, distance, and longing. Inspired in part by Adnan’s collection, Of Cities…

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Poetry: Leng Neoi

“Leng Neoi” translates in English to “pretty girl” yet the poem’s strength is resisting a simple presentation of beauty. Governed by a succession of monostiches, the speaker navigates its readers through fragments of childhood memories in which they attempt again…

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Poetry: Issuance by Caroline Chavatel

The word “Issuance” is defined as the “action of formally making something known”. As readers navigate the difficult terrain that seamlessly blends a logical turn of phrase with the voracious desires of the heart, readers are rewarded with passageway into…

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