Poetry: “Suburbia” by Annabel Li

“I want / to cradle the figs, see how summer has / loosened their skins.” Visually narrative and profound, Annabel Li’s “Suburbia” is an ambitious yet subtle meditation on the longing for healing. Suburbia There is something about winterand the…

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Welcome to LINE LEVEL: Craft Lessons from Poets of Color, a monthly column in which writer, editor, and educator Joanna Acevedo zooms in on an element of craft from the work of BIPOC poets. LINE LEVEL unfolds in three parts:…

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Poetry: “Embouchure” by Mickie Kennedy

“My tongue / glistens I think it’s crying every tastebud / a tear duct every tooth a tuning fork” With the flute as a catalyst, Mickie Kennedy joins music and anatomy in this textured and striking poem. Embouchure I successfully…

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