In Class with Professor Paisley Rekdal

A primary mission of Frontier is to provide high quality resources and practical help for serious poets—so we’ve been reaching out to poetry professors to help give clarity to this strange journey and stranger craft. This month, we got the…

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Poetry: Golden Hour by Arman Avasia

Like the snake that appears in its second line, Arman Avasia’s sonnet is a transformation through intimacy. Visceral with desire that is amplified in the animal imagery scattered throughout, the reader is brought into the “urgent” and left in the…

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Poetry: White Peony (I) by Sara Hovda

A portrait of the speaker centered around the image of a flower, Sara Hovda’s “White Peony” does the seamless work of communicating an entire story through meditation on an object. The reader is brought into the tensions that keep the…

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Poetry: Diaspora Triptych by Sabyah Seyam

Riddled with distances reflected in the poem’s form, both as three parts that span multiple countries, and in the slashes that lineate within its columns, Sabyah Seyam’s “Diaspora Triptych” is the kind of poem that we will continue to turn…

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Poet in the Mirror: José Olivarez

We’re so proud to share some insight into the lives and hearts of today’s poets with our Poet In The Mirror series. This month, José Olivarez—author of Promises of Gold (available now from Macmillan)—shares insight into collaboration, bilingual books, and…

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