Welcome to LINE LEVEL: Craft Lessons from Poets of Color, a monthly column in which writer, editor, and educator Joanna Acevedo zooms in on an element of craft from the work of BIPOC poets. LINE LEVEL unfolds in three parts:…

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Poetry: Ars Poetica by Divyasri Krishnan

Divyasri Krishnan’s “Ars Poetica” perfectly balances the pastoral image of a flighty canary with the urban one of languishing on a train. These two central scenes build a sense of tension, an ode to liminal life spaces– to the “beauty…

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Poetry: Summer Love by Winshen Liu

It might be nostalgia, it might be the winter world around us, but we’re desperate for this poem of summer by Winshen Liu. In the midst of wherever you may be, let her latest poem sun your head and fill…

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Poetry: STUDYING THE WORLD by Pamilerin Jacob

Pamilerin Jacob is a poet of density, imagery stacked and tactile and bouncing into your ankles—their latest, “STUDYING THE WORLD,” gives to us a speaker wrestling with understanding itself, seeking the joy of knowing without the burden of outcome. STUDYING THE…

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Poetry: Narangi by Kandala Singh

A meditation on a fruit that opens into defiance against the pressure to assimilate, this poem by Kandala Singh is unflinching both in its beauty and in its reverence for its speaker’s background and belonging. Narangi I roll my eyes…

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