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Poetry: levitate by Adedayo Agarau

In “levitate,” after profound line after profound line, we learn of the speaker’s connection to familial loss. Also, through the use of surreal yet serene prose poetry lines, we see the triumph of his family life: “she turned green grass…

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Poetry: The Stent by Maya Eashwaran

In “The Stent,” the speaker laments the illness of her father, using fruit as a metaphor for life and hardship. In the end, there is even empathy for the disease: who could resist her father’s heart?   The Stent In…

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Poetry: Mackerel by Khalisa Rae

In “Mackerel,” teenage girls become theologists of the body—transforming a “sweet communion of burning” into their own vivid and direct meaning. We’re excited to publish this new electric work from Khalisa Rae, and to announce as well that she will…

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