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Poetry: Night Logic by Matthew Gellman

A site of history and a landscape once marred by violence is reimagined with a gesture towards gentleness in Gellman’s poem. ‘Night Logic’ begins its readers at the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard but then cracks open the world so…

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Poetry: The Good Life by Theo LeGro

A tender record-keeping of the body and its ability to turn on its owner, Theo LeGro’s poem navigates a history that resists blame, that resists anger, but rather leans into what could have been–a life not marred by disease. And…

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In Class with Professor Jessica Johnson

A primary mission of Frontier is to provide high quality resources and practical help for serious poets—so we’ve been reaching out to poetry professors to help give clarity to this strange journey and stranger craft. This month, we got the…

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