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Grants and Awards — A Primer

Making a living as a poet is often a patchwork of incomes and professional opportunities. Publications of collections rarely are enough to support a life, so non-profits, universities, and government organizations have fortunately stepped in—we want to focus today on…

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TBT: On Craft — The Frontier of the Body

Originally published in 2017, this essay from our editor examines the previous year’s hit collections, Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong, and Portrait of an Alcoholic by Kaveh Akbar—and we’re so excited that both Kaveh and Ocean will be helping to…

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Notes from the Slush: Reader Thoughts

The readers of Frontier Poetry are just like you—beautiful poets—& eager for community, for the sharpening iron, for poems on poems on poems. For this Notes, we’ve reached out to a few—Maribel, Matt, Afua, Brandon, Charika, Lynley and Abeir—and got their…

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Poetry Terms: Musicality

The relationship between music and poetry is romance—so much so that the “musicality” of poetry endeavors as much conversation and analysis as the intricate movements of today’s best composers. Today, we’re going to dig deeper into how musicality is built…

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Reader’s Roundtable December 2017

At Frontier, we are so proud of our diverse team of readers. They are volunteers and givers—receiving only the heartpayment of poems, on poems, on poems. Every one of these poets is such a valuable piece of what we do,…

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