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Poetry: Eve of Qurban Eid, ’93 by Tahir Hamut

By Tahir Hamut | July 14, 2017

Translated from the Uyghur by Joshua Freeman, this poem speaks of God as the best poetry will—where no lecture is being made, or point argued, or overly sentimental gushing, but simply it lays bare a human heart in the context…

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Poetry: Two Poems by C. Wade Bentley

By C. Wade Bentley | July 7, 2017

These two poems brim with a voice of grandfatherly confidence. There’s humor, there’s wisdom, there’s humility. Wade C. Bentley, an emerging poet later in his life, reminds us that poetry is more than trauma or broken hearts or heroic deeds—poetry…

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Poetry: Air Ratchet & Forklift by Austin LaGrone

By Austin LaGrone | June 30, 2017

With this poem, LaGrone gives us a special gift: a reminder of the beauty of language found at work. “Air Rathchet & Forklift” twists and squeals and cuts the tongue on sounds we tend to forget the magic of—what else…

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Poetry: Although You Felt So Close, (Within Splashes) by Adrian Cepeda

By Adrian Cepeda | June 23, 2017

Breathless and rolling, “Although You Felt So Close, (Within Splashes)” presses with momentum at every line. The poem lands at a breakneck intimacy that’s surprising and comfortable, and Adrian Cepeda carries his reader with fluid motion, puts their feet on…

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Poetry: Burning Haibun by torrin a. greathouse

By torrin a. greathouse | June 16, 2017

The poetic gestures of “Burning Haibun” are simple, genuine, and surprising. As soon as we read the prose-poem section, we knew this was going to be accepted—but then, as we read the erasure, we got so excited to share it that…

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Poetry: Two Poems by Mai Der Vang

By Mai Der Vang | June 9, 2017

Mai Der Vang stands out as a poet of stunning & lurid language. These two new poems exemplify the work displayed in her debut collection, Afterland (Graywolf Press 2017)—the geographies of grief & the bare evidence of spiritual truth. Vang, with linguistic dexterity,…

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Poetry: Sad Jar of Atoms by Lance Larsen

By Lance Larsen | June 2, 2017

Lance Larsen’s Sad Jar of Atoms rolls in the ear like the voice of a friend. The lines pile and caress each other, holding onto intimacy even as we’re stretched from domestic quibbles to ancient history. Exploring the overlapping associations…

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Poetry: Two Poems by Safia Elhillo

By Safia Elhillo | May 26, 2017

Safia Elhillo’s The January Children has been on of the most exciting collections of 2017. These two new poems show why. Here, Elhillo comfortably explores established and invented forms with her beautiful, consistent focus on language, and bodies, and the hot spot where two cultures collide. There…

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Poetry: Tassiopeia by Kaveh Akbar

By Kaveh Akbar | May 19, 2017

If you haven’t yet read a poem by the rising poet Kaveh Akbar, “Tassiopeia” is a great place to start: beautiful language dances between fresh images of the body and confessions of faith. Kaveh writes gracefully, without awkwardness or hesitation, and this poem…

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Poetry: Hamburger Surprise by Jim Daniels

By Jim Daniels | May 12, 2017

Jim Daniels has produced poetry about work with singular focus for the entirety of his distinguished career. At Frontier, we also believe that work is an ever more apt poetic subject—precisely because it affects all the other subjects in a…

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