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Poetry: wintering by Amy LeBlanc

By Amy LeBlanc | July 20, 2018

Amy LeBlanc’s poem “Wintering” is a master of the short line—trembling and damaged bodies laid across four syllables. We’re enthralled by the pressed imagery, the slant rhymes, the wish for peace. Wintering he torched the skin that i’m still in.…

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Poetry: Dream with Ex-Lover Ending in Red by Babette Cieskowski

By Babette Cieskowski | July 13, 2018

By the second pair of lines, the gentle hiding of men in flowers, we were hooked to this poem. Babette Cieskowski’s language blooms in delicate song: the shucked pearls, the blood root, the windowsill—”Dream With Ex-Lover In Red” is a…

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Poetry: mythologies by Thomas Nguyen

By Thomas Nguyen | July 6, 2018

Thomas Nguyen’s poem makes of the readers own body a delicate collection of pine needles and mud. With greens and blacks and marbled whites, “mythologies” reveals a world dark, haunting—we’re all, by the end, thirsty with prayer.   mythologies &…

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Poetry: Two Poems by Asa Drake

By Asa Drake | June 29, 2018

This pair of poems by Asa Drake offer a harmony unique to themselves—one magnifying the other, and both about love, both filled out with Drake’s assured confidence in the strange.   The Wasp Doesn’t shelter herself in work. Who is…

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Poetry: Oblivion Letter by Charles Kell

By Charles Kell | June 22, 2018

Charles Kell’s poetic missive leaps across associative gaps with subtle ease, tip toes through history, through violence. “Oblivion Letter” is all dark corners and boys named Night and is a little scary, to be honest—eyes gazing across the couplets like…

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Poetry: Mental Health by Kai Carlson-Wee

By Kai Carlson-Wee | June 15, 2018

Kai Carlson-Wee’s single stanza poem lands on the page with weight and space and time. “Mental Health” works to unfold the banality of medicated routine, while never losing sight of the drugs that punctuate its hours, or the slow fog…

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Poetry: Two Poems by Duncan Slagle

By Duncan Slagle | June 8, 2018

Duncan Slagle pins his body to these poems, without seeking right or wrong—everything turns on the body. From the beautiful ghazal, to the simple couplets, Slagle shows a range of both voice and technique, with a consistent painful imagery threading…

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Poetry: the numbers don’t add up by Caroline DeLuca

By Caroline DeLuca | June 1, 2018

We fell in love with this unique poem immediately—DeLuca’s “the numbers don’t add up” performs its subject by ingeniously motorizing the whitespace. Her hand-drawn arrows feel simultaneously like detective notes and choose-your-own-adventure directions, producing a tension that lifts up this…

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By Linette Reeman | May 25, 2018

As Reeman’s title suggests, “IN BOSTON” travels the unsorted emotions of modern romance—& reports back ambivalence, saturated bodies, solo cups. The poem weaves tenderness and despair into every couplet, until we end up like the speaker, “suspended” between the two.…

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Poetry: Brief History of Meat by Rachel Mindell

By Rachel Mindell | May 18, 2018

Rachel Mindell explores the suggestive power of meat here—plugging the poem in to a word, an image, an experience as basic and ancient as breathing. “This is eating,” the poem declares with a wink—because it’s more than that. Just look…

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