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Poetry: Three Poems by Chelsea Dingman

By Chelsea Dingman | February 23, 2018

We don’t often publish three poems at once, but once you’ve read and experienced these, you’ll understand. Chelsea Dingman has created a trilogy of poems that develop and interrogate each other, probing her marriage, her body, her memory—all to experience…

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Poetry: Two Poems by Carol Potter

By Carol Potter | February 16, 2018

Carol Potter, established in her reputation and talent, shares with us two poems that pursue associative motion with such comfortable grace. “Are You Going to Eat That?” may be the first mouth memoir told in a single stanza, and “What…

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Poetry: red shoulderblades by Nat Myers

By Nat Myers | February 9, 2018

Nat Myer’s “red shoulderblades” begins with a motorcycle crash and ends in an image of friendship not often seen in popular culture. Filled with bloody cotton swabs, opioids, and alcohol, this hard-edged little poem relaxes in the dare to violence,…

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Poetry: Light by Rachel Bower

By Rachel Bower | February 2, 2018

Rachel Bower’s “Light” takes residence in the calm back of the throat between breaths. From her choices around line break and caesura, to the unforgettable image of the “dawn-woman”—who of us is without a dawn-woman inside?—Bower crafts a poem for…

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Poetry: the gods of discharge dates by Jeff Pearson

By Jeff Pearson | January 26, 2018

In this double hinged sonnet, Jeff Pearson balances the demands of form with the rebellious and sensitive subject of mental illlness. “the gods of discharge dates” is generous and humorous and terse and just a little sad—we all want to…

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Honorable Mentions for the 2017 Award for New Poets

By Frontier Poetry | January 24, 2018

After Tyehimba Jess selected his top three, we knew there would be a couple poems that we’d need to share regardless—we had too many good finalists. These two poems, “the neighbor’s house” and “UNDONE”, by Benjamin Hertwig and Brionne Janae,…

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2017 Award for New Poets: Love poem with a knife by Kara Jackson

By Kara Jackson | January 19, 2018

When we envision emerging poets to support, Kara Jackson is it—”Love poem with a knife” was selected by guest judge Tyehimba Jess as second place and winner of the $300 prize. The power of language is so comfortably displayed in…

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Poetry: Two Poems by Stacy Boe Miller

By Stacy Boe Miller | January 12, 2018

These two poems make secrets feel familiar. Stacy Boe Miller archives moments here, in “Hollow” and “Boil Down”—small, intimate moments of childhood, of death and love and the body, knocking together like pearls on a string you’d wear to a…

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2017 Award for New Poets: deciduous qween, IV by Matty Layne Glasgow

By Matty Layne Glasgow | January 5, 2018

Selected by Tyehimba Jess as the second runner up for the Award for New Poets, Matty Layne Glasgow’s poem playfully bristles between fragility and loving violence. Simple in conceit, complex in execution, “deciduous qween, IV” is a treat for lovers,…

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2017 Award for New Poets: Souvenir by Todd Smith

By Todd Smith | December 29, 2017

We are so pleased to share with you the winning poem of the 2017 Award for New Poets—”Souvenir,” selected by guest judge Tyehimba Jess, explores with trembling sincerity the fragility of family, and love, and self. Todd Smith has won…

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