Frontier Poetry — Year of Poems 2017

Reflection, meditation, screaming into pillows at Grandma’s house: the holidays can both be hard and soft and everything in between. And into that, gently, we’d like to remind you of all the beautiful, unbelievable, joyful, striking poems we have had the honor and privilege to debut in 2017. Thank you poets for submitting your cherished words, thank you readers for finding these gems, and thank you authors for generously partnering with us.


Souvenir by Todd Smith (Award for New Poets Winner! December 2017)

Two Poems by Momtaza Mehri (December 2017)

The Monsters Are Due— by Jennifer Givhan (December 2017)

The Whale by Cassandra Farrin (December 2017)

Hiroshima, Japan, 1945 by Katie Bickham (November 2017)

I Guess We’ll Have to Be Secretly in Love by Rosebud Ben-Oni (November 2017)

Prayer by Carolyn Oliver (November 2017)

3 Poems by Kristin Chang (November 2017) PUSHCART NOMINEE

The Domino Effect by Jeff Whitney (November 2017)

Essay Retreat by Afua Ansong (October 2017)

For Ayotzinapa by Matty Layne Glasgow (October 2017)

i, ii, iii, iv, v by Jos Charles (October 2017)

Filthy Woman During Ramadan by Noor Hindi (September 2017)

How to Take Time by Daniel Lassell (September 2017)

A Sunday Afternoon On the Island of La Grande by Patricia Miranda (September 2017)

Written on This Land by Emily Struass (September 2017)

These Are the Witness Marks by Moira J. – @moira__j (September 2017)

The Road to Old Fort Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3 by P.J. Williams – @PJ__Williams (August 2017)

Flamingo by Cheryl Pearson -@cherylpea (August 2017) PUSHCART NOMINEE

from Fear of Intimacy, Fear of Want by Andrés Cerpa – @_AndresCerpa (August 2017)

Unfinished Sonnet by Chaun Ballard (August 2017) PUSHCART NOMINEE

Frances of the Cadillac by Laura Van Prooyen – @lauravanprooyen (July 2017, reprint)

Eve of Qurban Eid, ’93 by Tahir Hamut, translated by Joshua Freeman (July 2017, reprint)

Two Poems by C. Wade Bentley (July 2017)

Air Ratchet & Forklift by Austin LaGrone (July 2017, reprint)

Although You Felt So Close, (Within Splashes) by Adrian Cepeda – @dontforget365 (June 2017)

Burning Haibun by torrin a. greathouse – @TAGreathouse (June 2017) PUSHCART NOMINEE

Two Poems by Mai Der Vang – @maider_vang (June 2017) PUSHCART NOMINEE

Sad Jar of Atoms by Lance Larson (June 2017, reprint)

Two Poems by Safia Elhillo – @mafiasafia (May 2017) PUSHCART NOMINEE

Tassiopeia by Kaveh Akbar – @KavehAkbar (May 2017)

Hamburger Surprise by Jim Daniels (May 2017)

Two Poems by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib -@NifMuhammad (May 2017)

Migrant is Not a Metaphor by Cynthia Dewi Oka -@freedewi (April 2017, reprint)

Sita Considers Her Rebellions by Vandana Khanna – @vankhanna (April 2017, reprint)

Co-Operative by Sarah Barber (April 2017, reprint)

I am Pretending There Was No Restaurant by Chrys Tobey –  (April 2017, reprint)

Prayer to Saint Joseph for the Restless by Josephine Yu – @josephinehkyu (April 2017, reprint)


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