Author: Frontier Poetry

Frontier Poetry VIDA 2017 Progress Report

Inspired by the 2016 VIDA Count, we want to have transparency for ourselves, our poets, and our readers. We’ve done an internal audit around issues of representation on our platform, and we are proud of the direction that Frontier is…

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New Voices: Our Beating Heart

Our New Voices category is the beating heart of Frontier. It’s the essence of our mission: to uplift, validate, support and energize emerging poets. It will always be open. It will always be free. We will always pay our poets.…

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Get to Know the National Book Award Nominees

Ten beautiful collections here demand your looking—the longlist of the National Book Awards is out and the nominees represent emerging and established poets from all across America. For your poetheart’s perusal, we’ve gathered together some useful info on each of…

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Labor Day Poetry

Work is the American right of passage, and is as apt a poetic subject as love, death, or nature. Work affects all other subjects in our lives. Historically, it’s been difficult to find poetry about work, but these lives are…

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