Poetry for the Eclipse

Because what astronomical holiday isn’t better if rounded out with a little poetry? Admire the massive forces at the edge of our daily living, and recite some beautiful poems into the crisp, shadowed air. As Mabel Loomis Todd, friend of…

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Poetry: Flamingo by Cheryl Pearson

Beauty by ambush may best describe Cheryl Pearson’s “Flamingo”. The poem meditates on its namesake with wit and wisdom and a freshness of imagery that calls out for publication. The yolk and wine and flaming knots and throats—Pearson has managed…

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New Voices Recap: Summer 2017

This summer was full of poets speaking truth to power, love to bodies, grace to the ashamed. With pride, we’ve put together a list of some of our New Voices published over the last few months on Frontier. From Andrés Cerpa…

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Poetry Terms: Prose Poem, Listing, & Quatrain

Our Poetry Terms series takes a closer look at the words we use when we talk about poetry. These three terms, Prose Poem, Listing, & Quatrain, represent three different architectures of our poems, and while their definitions may be mild on the surface,…

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Why Poems Get Rejected

As a platform for emerging poets, our mission is to be as clear and helpful as we possibly can. The community lifts itself up together or not at all. In that light, we’ve collected a few craft reasons for why…

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Poetry: Unfinished Sonnet by Chaun Ballard

Elegies, the poet Dan Bellm argues, are poetry’s first reason. We are proud to publish Chaun Ballard’s powerful “Unfinished Sonnet.” It does all the right things a sonnet should do. The poem packs the mouth with sounds, darkly enjoyed—it gives…

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